Research & Data

For the benefit of researchers, students and advocates, FAJ  provides demographic and electoral engagement information about the Filipino Community.

Filipino Demographic Data, California

Filipinos number over 1.1 million in California, are predominantly foreign born and have the 2nd highest rate of naturalization after Mexicans.

Download a 4-page summary of various Filipino population statistics in the Bay Area and beyond.

See also figures as of 2008 for: A Profile of Filipinos in the US and A Profile of Filipino Immigrants in the US.

As of the 2007 American Community Survey (ACS), Filipinos constitute the largest Asian ethnic group in California.  Click here for detailed data about 2007 California ethnic populations from the U.S. Census website.

For more demographic data about California’s population, please visit:

Bay Area Census (Association of Bay Area Governments)

American Fact Finder (U.S. Census)

Filipino Electorate

Filipino Advocates for Justice has sought to improve civic participation by helping our community organize at the local, state and federal levels, nurturing leadership among youth, immigrants and low-wage workers, and get-out-the-vote campaigns for major state and local elections.

In 2010, Filipino Advocates for Justice:

  • Designed and implemented a voter education and mobilization plan for Alameda County for the November 2010 elections that included sending out a voter guide to 5400+ Filipino registered voters in Alameda County — mainly Oakland, Union City and Alameda
  • Phone banked to over 1000 Oakland Filipino voters to answer questions about rank choice voting and to urge them to vote No on Prop 23 and Yes on Prop 25
  • Participated in a Bay Area wide poll-monitoring project headed by the Asian Law Caucus and Asian Law Alliance where FAJ recruited 12 of the 47 volunteers to do poll monitoring in Alameda County.¬† On Election Day our volunteers visited 34 polls in Union City and 2 in Oakland to document compliance with language access standards.

In 2008, Filipino Advocates for Justice:

  • Conducted electoral campaigns in all 3 elections in 2008: February, June & November
  • Mobilized to pass Local Measures: K and UU in Union City; OO in Oakland
  • Worked on State Initiatives: Props 98/99, Prop 4, Prop 6, Prop 8
  • Mailed and distributed over 20000 Tagalog/English voter guides in Alameda County
  • Made over 3000 contacts with voters in Union City, Oakland and Alameda through our phone banks and precinct walks
  • Engaged over 80 volunteers ranging from youth to seniors & bi-lingual speakers

Did you know?

  • Over 30% of registered Philippine-born voters in California reside in 4 Bay Area counties: Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa & San Francisco.
  • More than 50% of Philippine-born registered voters in California have voted once or never in the last 4 general elections prior to 2008. Less than 15 out of every 100 voters in our community have voted in all 4 prior general elections.

Download our reports

“FilCEP 2010 Info Sheet”

Identifying the Filipino Vote in 2008


For more resources and information about immigrant voters, please see our partners at Mobilize the Immigrant Vote (MIV) and APIAVote.

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