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Tayo ang mga 99%: Help FAJ fight economic inequities

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Filipino Advocates for Justice has witnessed first-hand how the economic crisis is continuing to hurt the vast majority of us, the 99%.

To hear how they have been personally impacted by the economic crisis, please watch this short video:

Filipinos are speaking out about the economic inequities. Help us take this momentum to the polls.

Please donate $25, $50, $100 or whatever amount you want by clicking here.

Check out FAJ’s media coverage to catch up on some of the other work they’ve been doing.

To see more footage from the Nov. 2nd General Strike press conference, click here.

P.S. Your tax deductible donation of $100 will allow FAJ to contact and mobilize 20 voters to the polls in support of progressive issues in 2012.  No other organization provides services and develops leaders in the Filipino community in the East Bay for as long as FAJ has.  Silagra

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Tayo Ang 99% Solidarity Statement

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

For Immediate Release: November 1, 2011

Join us for a short press conference on 11/2 at 11 am in the Conference Room, 1st floor of the Asian Resource Center 310 8th St. Oakland, CA 94610 (press advisory below)

We will march as a group to Oscar Grant Plaza (City Hall) at 11:30 and meet up with other organizations. Meet us in the lobby near the 8th St. entrance.


Solidarity Statement: Tayo Ang 99% / We are the 99%:

Filipino Advocates for Justice Stands in Solidarity with Occupy Oakland

Filipino Advocates for Justice (FAJ) supports the “OCCUPY Movement” including the right of Occupy Oakland to peacefully encamp at Oscar Grant Plaza to speak their grievances.

We are in agreement that we need to end corporate greed and the vast accumulation of wealth by a tiny minority. We agree with the growing belief that corporations (especially financial institutions) and the rich are responsible for the economic crisis and have an obligation to help us recover. It is time that the rich and corporations pay a fair tax so we can restore the quality of life we call the American Dream.

There’s no justice in a system that serves the top 1% at the expense of the bottom 99%. Banks and corporations, some of whom received government bailouts, are reporting increased earnings and rewarding executives with multi-million dollar bonuses, while the 99% feel no recovery. For the 99% the cost of living is out of control. Our treasured institutions like public schools, libraries, public parks, and support services for the more vulnerable are suffering for lack of revenue. High unemployment, home foreclosures, teacher layoffs, school closures, soaring college tuitions, public safety layoffs, and cut backs in programs for the elderly make a joke of the American Dream. It is no wonder the 99% are so angry in the U.S. and globally. (more…)

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