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Introducing the Dignity Campaign for Real Immigration Reform

Monday, July 19th, 2010

JOIN THE DIGNITY CAMPAIGN for Real Immigration Reform

Over the last year a group of organizations and individuals have been meeting to affirm the need for an immigration reform bill based on human rights. This bill would include immediate legalization of the undocumented; de-criminalization of immigrants; equal rights; reunification of families; an end to temporary worker programs, and an end to trade and foreign policies that cause the dislocation of people. We seek meaningful immigration reform that is an alternative to the kind of proposals coming from Congress.

We are calling this effort the Dignity Campaign for Real Immigration Reform. What immigrants need are real solutions to the denial of migrants’ rights, to the economic and political forces that force migration, and to the economic crisis that affects working people in general. By developing this alternative we hope to raise our collective aspirations for immigration reform, rather than limit our political work to criticizing Congressional proposals that we know reflect corporate America’s need for exploitable labor. (more…)

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